Friday, April 29, 2005

The Environment On Our Heads

African American ladies: accepting that you probably have more creative options with it, artificially straightened simply does not look right most of the time. And clearly it does not feel right because you are not allowed to touch it. This when natural is so beautiful. The fluffy natural fro whether long or short looks like what God intended. Cornrows are cool too.

Brothers have to cut it off. Shaved off is the latest trend. It is cut as short as possible to prevent the curl. Anything to hide the peas. This when organic would be cool. Remember the Jeri Curl? Almost as much oil on our heads as in our cars. Imports are way down in this area though. What do you think?


Kitlat said...

Honestly, straightening for me is more about ease of use. I went natural when I was in high school again and it was a pain. Corn rows meant that I had to find someone who could do it and do it on their schedule, whereas I can relax my hair whenever I need to. I don't feel that I look good in the "twist" style either. While I use relaxer, I don't use the collection of sprays and other bottles of gunk that is marketed to maintain a style. It is more fashionable to wear scarves-even in light of the hatred against all things that hint of Muslim.

C. Bradley said...

Yes I agree about what you said about the trend of black males who cut their hair short.There are so many young B. men with bald heads. And I often wonder are they ashamed of their natural hair or trying to blend in, perphaps as another race. There are many African Americans who can be mistaken for another race if their heads are shaved. Some may look hispanic, native American, etc. I think people need to appreciate who they are and after that if they choose to shave their heads, by all means do so.