Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Marsha Coleman Adebayo & EPA: The Movie

(Photo: President Bush hugs Ms. Adebayo in the Oval Office after signing the bill into law)
What is going on betweeen EPA and Marsha Coleman Adebayo? Adebayo won a $600,000 court judgement against EPA for discrimination during the Clinton Administration. She went on to form the No Fear Coalition and psssed the '1st Civil Rights Legislation of the 21st Century," the NO FEAR Act of 2002.

Now there is a conflict regarding her continued employment and work situation. Ms. Adebayo, who became ill during this conflict, currently works from home and the agency wants her to work at the EPA offices. Ms. Adebayo has high blood pressure and had to be taken away by ambulance the last two times she was ordered back into the office. Although this conflict is currently in litigation, we believe that EPA should just offer Ms. Adebayo a settlement package and end the stalemate. We hope this administration will provide a happy ending to the pending movie about this entire affair.

The script commissioned by actor/activist Danny Glover is complete and the movie is on the fast track to production. It is just ashamed that this entire situation could have been avoided if Clinton administration EPA Administrator Carol Browner had not been totally dismissive of Ms. Adebayo's claims. No Fear: The Movie, coming to theatres soon.

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