Saturday, February 04, 2006

The New Environmental Movement

History will write that the new environmental movement came from those working effectively to fight global warming. These 21st Century energy revolutionaries are rising up from the pronuclear power ranks to aggressively promote an off-the-shelf technology that simultaneously provides the electrical power America needs while not producing any greenhouse or smog producing gases. These pronuclear champions are the new generation of environmental activists.

While Laurie David and Leonardo DiCaprio are promoting electric vehicles - - the other half of the solution to stemming climate change - - they are afraid of offending their friends by embracing nuclear power, which is the only viable option for providing power to millions of people without producing air pollution and greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, Robert Kennedy, Jr. is working to kill the wind industry via his opposition to the Cape Wind Project in Nantucket Sound. And the photovoltaics industry will never take off because a state would have to be covered with panels to produce significant power and they still wouldn't produce power 70% of the time. We love solar and wind at AAEA though for specialty power uses and supplemental electricity.

Fortunately, there is a new sheriff in town and that is the North American Young Generation in Nuclear. Furthermore, these mostly young people are seriously taking their case to the streets. If the world is to be saved from the most serious environmental issue facing us today, global warming, do not look to the traditional environmental groups for serious solutions to this problem because they refuse to free themselves from impractical dogma. So go NAYGN. Show America and the world that nuclear power is the way to go. These new environmentalists rule.

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