Monday, April 17, 2006

Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Is Pro Nuclear

Most people do not know that Greenpeace was actually established in Canada. Canadian Patrick Moore is one of the original founders of the international organization. Although he originally opposed nuclear power, he now supports the technology because of its potential to reduce or help eliminate global warming. Dr. Moore now heads a group based in Canada called Greenspirit.

In 2001, AAEA was the first national environmental group to publicly support nuclear power in the United States. We are gratified and feel vindicated in our orignal support for nuclear power now that other prominent environmentalists are publicly expressing their support, including:

James Lovelock, British scientist, father of the Gaia theory

Stewart Brand, founder of the "Whole Earth Catalog"

The late British Bishop Hugh Montefiore, a founder of Friends of
the Earth

Although no other national environmental organizations in the U.S. have come out in support of nuclear power to date, AAEA hopes other groups will see the light and join in supporting nuclear power as a safe and reliable power source. Washington Post article. Wash Post On-Line Chat New York Times article

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