Friday, June 16, 2006

FERC Approves New Liquefied Natural Gas Import Facilities

FERC approved 3 new LNG facilites:

  1. Creole Trail LNG & Creole Trail pipeline, Cameron Parish, Louisiana. The terminal would include four LNG storage tanks that would have the capability to store up to 640,000 cubic meters (or 13 bcf) of natural gas and have a send-out capability of an average of 3.3 bcf per day. The Commission authorized Cheniere’s Creole Trail Pipeline to construct and operate 116.8 miles of dual 42-inch diameter pipeline from the outlet of Creole
  2. Port Arthur LNG and Port Arthur pipeline – construct and operate a new terminal and related facilities near Port Arthur, Texas The facilities include six LNG storage tanks with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters each and a new 70-mile, 36-inch diameter pipeline from the LNG terminal to an interstate interconnection with Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company in Beauregard Parish, LA.
  3. Crown Landing LNG project – Crown Landing LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of BP America Production Company, will construct and operate a new onshore LNG import terminal in Logan Township, New Jersey. The proposed terminal would store up to 450,000 cubic meters of LNG equivalent to 9.2 bcf of gas.
FERC also authorized expansions at two previously authorized LNG facilities:

  1. Sabine Pass LNG – Cameron Parish, Louisiana - includes three additional 160,000 cubic meter storage tanks and related facilities that would provide an average send-out capacity ranging from 2.6 bcf/d to 4 bcf/d.
  2. Dominion Cove Point LNG – increase import capacity at its Cove Point facility in Lusby, Maryland in Calvert County on the Chesapeake Bay, south of Baltimore, from 1 million dekatherms per day from 1.8 MMDT/day. Dominion will build two 160,000 cubic meter storage tanks, increasing storage capacity at the terminal from 7.8 billion cubic feet to approximately 14.6 bcf. A 36-inch diameter, 47.8-mile pipeline in Maryland will deliver the additional natural gas to interstate pipeline connections in Virginia. Dominion has signed an agreement with a subsidiary of Statoil ASA, a global gas and oil company, for 100 percent of the new station capacity for the next 20 years. Qatar is providing gas to the Cove Point facility.


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