Friday, July 14, 2006

The Human Environment in Israel & Lebanon

War is probably the worst environmental contaminate known to man because it involves the direct and intentional killing of other human beings, sometimes by any means necessary. Land, water, animals, plants, buildings, women and children are expendable in the insanity that is war. Israel must be protected at all costs and Palestinians should find some reasonable accomodation. After all, each side prays to the same God.

Hezbollah and Hamas have drawn Lebanon into what could end up being an all out war with Israel. It appears that Syria and Iran are providing assistance to the Islamic terrorists. The human environmental meltdown between these states is unfortunate because Israel recently made significant land concessions in Gaza, even evicting many Israelis in the process. Now with missiles unmercilessly raining down on Israeli citizens, Israel has no choice but to aggressively defend itself. It might not be called a holy war yet but with Judeo/Christians on one side and Islam on the other, an unholy environment is evolving in the Middle East.

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