Monday, July 17, 2006

Senate Candidate Josh Rales has an Energy Plan

Josh Rales, left, launched his multimillion dollar advertising campaign well before the other candidates running to be the next senator from Maryland. His main message is one of energy independence. His plan mostly addresses oil:

1) Improving vehicle fuel economy through conventional, diesel, and hybrid technologies;
2) Increasing the number of flex-fuel vehicles on the road which can run on alternative fuels;
3) Improving the fuel delivery infrastructure;
4) Improving the fuel efficiency of vehicle replacement tires and motor oil;
5) Achieving economies in the heavy truck sector through idling technologies; and,
6) Expanding the development and capacity of our mass transit infrastructure

  • NOTE: As of July 21, 2006 the Rales campaign does not have a clubs or party link under Campaign Links on the Web site for Prince George's County. What does this mean? Is he conceding the black vote to Mfume and Cardin? Does Rales intend to ignore Prince George's County? Does Rales' energy plan not apply to the richest majority black county in the U.S.?

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