Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer Mostly Organic Lawn & Tomato Report

Persistent Clover is still hand plucked to prevent sectional takeover. A very light sprinkling of 'fast food' commercial fertilizer was applied to take advantage of the heavy summer rains in the Washington Metropolitan Area. That means weekly cuttings.

The two tomato plants are sprouting tomatoes and there is an issue with a white mold on the stems and underneath some leaves. White mold, caused by a species of the fungus Sclerotinia, is a serious disease that often results in death of plants. White mold can be seen on the infected plant tissue when conditions are humid and the heavy rains have contributed to high humidity. Wiping away the white mold fungus with alcohol sprayed paper towels has been effective in controlling the parasite. The Filadendrum, right, taken from inside and placed outside near the tomato plants also gets the alcohol rub down beneath its leaves to control the fungus. In addition to the white mold fungus, there is a white bug, pictured at left on the Tomato Hornworm, that has to be scared away or wiped away. Hopefully, excellent tomato sandwiches on homemade bread will be forthcoming.

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