Monday, October 23, 2006

Barack Obama and Nuclear Power

Update: Iowa Dec 2006: Barack Obama states "I am not a proponent of nuclear power" (See YouTube)

Update: Barack Obama supports nuclear power but opposes Yucca Mountain.

Senator Barack Obama might run for president. What would he do about global warming and smog? He opposed President Bush's Clear Skies Initiative but he voted for the Energy Policy Act of 2005. He has 11 nuclear power plants in his home state of Illinois that provide almost half of the electricity in the state.

He has toured at least one nuclear plant. He is pictured at right visiting the Braidwood Plant owned by Exelon, the largest nuclear utility in the U.S. AAEA is a well known supporter of nuclear power and we hope a President Barack Obama would support nuclear power too. But will the nuclear energy industry support the African American community?

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