Friday, April 27, 2007

Conyers: Key To Environmental Justice & Climate Mitigation

We are convinced that John Conyers is the logical person in the Congress to pass national environmental justice legislation and to mitigate global warming. Environmental justice is as much about social and civil justice as it is about ecology and pollution. But just as the Dixiecrats used 'intent' to discombobulate civil rights laws, unscrupulous manipulators have an easy tool in environmental obfuscation to scuttle environmental justice. So John Conyers, as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee should introduce environmental justice legislation - - and not just to codify Executive Order 12898, but a bill with teeth (lawsuit provision). The legislation should also have a carrot - - a project endorsement provision. It just so happens that the Environmental Justice Coalition has a bill ready for him to introduce.

We briefly described these proposals to Congressman Conyers during his recent trip to China (photo: AAEA Prez with Conyers in Beijing). Moreover, his district needs help in saving saving the auto industry. Detroit is hurting. Toyota just took over the number one sales position from GM and Ford is barely dodging bankruptcy every year. We are prepared to work with Mr. Conyers to get the Chinese to invest in Detroit. The Chinese should manufacture their new Chery automobile in Detroit. China should also patent and sale a plug-in fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle in Detroit. John Conyers should meet with Hu Jintao to seal the deal.

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