Monday, April 23, 2007

Patrick Moore Bias Against African American Environmentalist Association

Patrick Moore, right, publicly supported nuclear power in 2005. The African American Environmentalist Association (AAEA) publicly supported nuclear power in 2001. Moore avoids mentioning AAEA as an environmental group that supports nuclear power or Norris McDonald as the first environmentalist in America to support nuclear power. This bias is unfortunate, particularly since AAEA is still the only environmental organization in the United States that actively supports nuclear power. AAEA was also the first environmental group to support nuclear power.

In addition to bringing support for nuclear power from an early member of Canada's Greenpeace, he has evidently chosen to bring the environmental movement's special green brand of elitism too. Maybe it is just a misguided quest to try to rewrite history to make himself the first environmentalist to support nuclear power.

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(And numerous other instances but you get the idea)

Of course, Norris McDonald remembers the many years that he was out there all alone without Moore or any of the other 'prominent,' 'international' individuals he consistently mentions. Nothing can change the fact that Norris McDonald was the first environmentalist to publicly support nuclear power in the United States and AAEA was the first environmental organization to do so.

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