Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Laurent Lawrence Promotes Energy Reliability in New York

New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance (NYAREA) is probably the most important energy organization in New York. Mr. Laurent Lawrence is the Executive Director for New York AREA and manages the daily operations of the organization. In his capacity, Mr. Lawrence assists with New York AREA communications, member development, policy maker outreach, public relations and advertising.

AAEA has worked with NYAREA for years and we proudly serve as a member of the alliance. Their commitment to energy reliability is second to none and New York should be proud of these energy reliability champions. Mr. Lawrence recently presented testimony at a roundtable hearing titled "Environmental Justice and Nuclear Power" that we organized for The State of Environmental Justice 2007 Conference at the Howard University School of Law.

Laurent L. Lawrence began his career with New York AREA in January of 2005. An alumnus of Utica College of Syracuse University, Mr. Lawrence earned a dual degree in both Public Relations and Journalism. Along with the various scholastic leadership positions that he held while in college, Mr. Lawrence has studied and interned in London, England as well as written for various newsletters, newspapers, and magazines.

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