Friday, November 16, 2007

"Tell Me More" Should Be Five Days A Week

Hey NPR, you are confusing the dedicated listeners of Michele Martin's "Tell Me More" show by only broadcasting on WAMU four days a week. Although your replacement Friday show is fine, couldn't you split that two hour segment up and give Mrs. Martin the consistency of a one-hour Friday show. We listeners of the show and fans of Mrs. Martin get in a groove and then it is not there on Friday. It is frustating. We are waiting for Michele's rapid-fire, intelligent, witty, curious questioning and it is not there. We encourage our readers to contact NPR and let them know. Click on the Office/Service/management button, then Ombudsman or NPR Management and send a note or call.

Now we're not trying to second guess your programming but NPR has to see the logic behind what we say. You launch this show with an A-list star and then broadcast it 80 percent of the time through WAMU. And you keep this talent from communicating with her fans on relax-day Friday when she could really be creative. Come on NPR. Listen to us. We have solved some of our planet's most complex energy and environmental problems (theoretical mostly of course) and you should consider implementing this recommended fix over there at WAMU. Now we do not know whether this is an NPR issue or a WAMU issue, but regardless, the show should be broadcast on Fridays at 2 p.m.

And while we're at it give Michele call-in too. The "Talk of the Nation Science Friday" show has call-in and Michele does not during her Mon-Thurs WAMU broadcasts.

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