Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wandering Off The Plantation

It is an expression of leaving a place where others think you should stay. AAEA has wandered way off the plantation and it has been quite fulfilling. Many would have us address only certain issues such as environmental justice and racism. Of course we address environmental justice and racism but we do not limit ourselves to these important issues. Many are disappointed when we do not meet their expectations of what our positions should be. For instance, we know that conservation, wind and solar alone cannot meet our energy needs. Yet our supposed green brethren would have us believe it is so and express anger when we do not tow the movement line. Some believe that we should simply follow all of the positions of the mainstream environmental groups. Disagreement holds the threats of excommunication and pariah status. So be it. There are many segregated country clubs we have no desire to belong to anyway.

So AAEA has addressed issues based simply on science and logic. We take our positions based on what is good for our communities, our nation and our planet. We have supported certain important development projects including National Harbor and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge replacement. We support nuclear power. We support liquefied natural gas (LNG) use. We support clean coal and coal-to-liquid (CTL). We also aggressively support wind and solar because they are great emission free supplemental sources of power. We promote plug-in, fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles. We support a healthy mix of energy technologies. When plantation owners try to keep us in our place we just wander on off and do not accept their need for our dependence and subjugation. We also try our best to avoid victimhood addiction in favor of working to solve problems with practical solutions. Although it is the 21st Century, some still want us to have a plantation mentality. Well we are happy that we have wandered off to freely express ourselves and delighted with what we are doing.

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