Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AAEA International Environmental Protection Activities

AAEA is a small but powerful organization. AAEA believes in the phrase, "Act Locally, Think Globally." That is why AAEA recently participated in activities in Puerto Rico, Brazil, China and France. So in addition to our domestic operations, AAEA has 'boots on the ground' in Nigeria and China.

AAEA Nigeria Director Ifeanyi Joshua Ezekwe has 17 years of experience in environmental services management. AAEA wants Nigeria to enhance its energy infrastructure and environmental protection. Nigeria has the best 'sweet' crude oil in the world, but there are many issues surrounding its production and use. Nigeria also needs to expand its electricity production and infrastructure. Mr. Ezekwe gives us valuable outreach services in Africa's largest country.

AAEA (CECE) China Director Zhang Xiaoping provides us with important outreach services in China. Our China work is through the AAEA parent Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy (CECE) because the African American title of our organization would not make too much sense in China. Director Zhang was invaluable to our American delegation when we visited energy, agricultural and chemical facilities in 2007. China is a dynamic society with very challenging energy and enviromental issues facing it, particularly in the air and water quality areas. And these issues have global implications and specific effects on the U.S. We decided to work in China because of the global warming issue. If you're not addressing China, then you are not seriously addressing the issue. Maybe we will set up shop in India soon for the same reason.

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