Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AAEA To Host Nuclear Power Forum at EJ Conference

AAEA will host a forum entitled: "Environmental Justice & Nuclear Power: Business Opportunities in the Nuclear Energy Industry," at the second annual State of Environmental Justice in America Conference 2008 (SEJAC). The conference is from May 21 -24 and will be held at the Howard University School of Law. AAEA held a similar forum in 2007 that addressed the pros and cons of nuclear power last year. Representatives from the Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and nuclear companies have agreed to participate in the forum. The forum will examine constraints and opportunities for minority participation in the nuclear power industry. We also hope that Diane Bodman, who attended the 2007 presentation, will attend our 2008 forum.

Unfortunately, Blacks do not own companies that provide energy products and services (except Case Lowell in Houston, Texas). Thus, Blacks do not own any of the energy infrastructure in the U.S. Unlike the mainstream environmental movement, many Blacks work for energy companies (see American Association of Blacks in Energy-AABE). However, because of the very large amounts of money needed to participate in an ownership capacity in the energy sector, to date, Blacks have not been participants. And energy companies do not seem to be interested in serving as mentors to minority entrepreneurs. It is a unique American weakness in our opinion for such partnerships could bring fresh perspectives and unique opportunities to both partners. One thing is for sure, China does not have this particular inefficiency.

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