Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama Says Coal Can Create 'Green Jobs' Too

Senator Barack Obama included the statement below during remarks at The Cost of War" speech at the University of Charleston Charleston, West Virginia Thursday, March 20, 2008:

"Instead of fighting this war, we could be freeing ourselves from the tyranny of oil, and saving this planet for our children. We could be investing in renewable sources of energy, and in clean coal technology, and creating up to 5 million new green jobs in the bargain, including new clean coal jobs. And we could be doing it all for the cost of less than a year and a half in Iraq."
Friends of the Earth (FOE) has taken exception to Senator Obama's position on creating "new clean coal jobs." AAEA agrees with Senator Obama that 'green jobs' can come out of clean coal technology. We also share FOE's concern about mountaintop removal and its devastating effects on watersheds.

It will take a brand new way of thinking to make green jobs from coal mining and production of electricity. AAEA is promoting a process whereby the carbon dioxide can be converted into gasoline. (More)

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