Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dominion Having Trouble Siting Natural Gas Station

Richmond, Virginia-based Dominion energy company is moving the location of a planned natural-gas compressor station from Middletown area of Frederick County, Md. to an 11-acre site in the unincorporated community of Jefferson, about five miles south of Middletown. The company faced fierce NIMBY opposition in the Middletown area claiming the $55 million complex would:

1) Ruin the landscape around the South Mountain Civil War Battlefield

2) Endanger their water supply and air quality.

3) Worries about increased commercial use on the 135-acre site.
Dominion said the compressor station is needed to pump natural gas from Pennsylvania to Virginia. The natural gas will be used by electrical power stations to meet the growing need of customers in the region.

Representative Roscoe Bartlett has asked federal regulators to review the project site. Compressor stations help keep natural gas moving through underground pipelines. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) also request the company to consider an alternative location. Based on the original proposal, construction would not start until 2012, with completion by 2014.

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