Wednesday, June 25, 2008

AAEA Featured in "Black Enterprise" Magazine

AAEA is featured in the June issue of Black Enterprise magazine in an article entitled, "Environmental Group Strives To Educate." The article was written by Erinn Johnson and AAEA President Norris McDonald is quoted:

McDonald believes that it’s important to reach the African American community in relatable ways. “I’m trying to break the stigma and stereotypes of what an environmentalist is, and repackage it to reach our community,” he says. The organization also reaches its target audience through various programs. McDonald hopes that the group will hit home with African Americans when it comes to issues that they can relate to, one being asthma. “Black people have the power to influence policy issues just as long as they are educated and aware of the issues.” “Our communities are often the path of least resistance for waste,” he explains. McDonald encourages African Americans to voice their opinions, as there is currently no national legislation to protect communities from such toxic waste.

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