Monday, June 23, 2008

PRESIDENT'S CORNER: Robert Boone Retires

President's Corner. By Norris McDonald.

I first met Robert Boone, right, in 1989 at the Interstate Commission for Potomac River Basin (ICPRB) where I was their first education coordinator and Boone was the second for the Anacostia River Watershed. Boone went on to become a legend in Anacostia River protection. Boone and I walked and boated tributaries to the Anacostia River together. We partnered for river clean ups for Earth Day. Boone absolutely loved the Anacostia River and it loved him back. He cleared countless tons of garbage from that river and conducted countless land and water tours.

One thing I always liked about Robert is that although we sometimes disagreed on local issues, he was never disagreeable with me. And anybody who knows Boone knows that he can be VERY disagreeable. Thanks Bob. For that and much more I consider you an old friend and colleague.

Although I am disappointed that he is retiring from the Anacostia Watershed Society, which he founded and built into an institution, I know Bob will continue to give voice to environmental issues. (Photo: The Washington Post, article)

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