Saturday, May 02, 2009

Juliet Eilperin Continues Excluding Blacks When She Can

Juliet Eilperin, left, the environmental reporter for The Washington Post, hates to quote black people and doesn't to the extent she can. She will not unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Sometimes she simply cannot get around quoting EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. It must drive her crazy when she has to do so. And of course, sometimes President Barack Obama has to be quoted. We took such joy from seeing Eilperin having no choice but to quote Adminstrator Jackson when President Obama appointed her as administrator. Now Eil is back up to her old tricks. Thank God for blogs so we can point out this sort of thing in the 21st Century. The fourth estate is ill served by this brand of discriminatory journalism. President Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus should be aware of this reporter's history and know that she is continuing with her bias. See link to The Washington Post article that is the object of our scorn at the link at the end of this article.

In an article about utilities dumping pollution into the environment via water instead of air, Eil managed to avoid quoting the EPA adminstrator AND the black chairwoman of the committee responsible for oversight of a responsible congressional committee. [We covered the hearing too] Eil quoted Eric Schaeffer, former head of EPA's enforcement division during the Clinton administration, instead of Administrator Jackson, left. Okay you say, we with the racial prefix are being overly sensitive as the Negro is sometimes inclined, but then she quotes panelist Conrad Dan Volz, who directs the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Healthy Environments and Communities, instead of House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee Water Resources and Environment Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, right. Well not quoting Administrator Jackson, who is black, might have seemed like an overisight, but also ignoring the chair of the committee Johnson, who is also black, shows a clear motivation when combined with Eil's history of not quoting blacks. Our final proof is that she even quoted the top Republican on Johnson's subcommittee, John Boozman (Ark), and Eil really dislikes Republicans and conservatives.

We are still angry that she, nor her exclusionist former associate D'Vera Cohn, never quoted environmentalist legend Damu Smith during his 15 years at Greenpeace, and his death would not have been covered in The Washington Post if nonenvironmental reporter Darryl Fears had not covered it. (Wash Post, 5/1/09)

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