Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lisa P. Jackson: Super Cool in a Global Warming World


By Norris McDonald

It's official. We are big fans of the new EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. We've had a chance to look her over from her confirmation hearing to recent budget and stimulus package hearings. And our verdict is in: Lisa P. Jackson is not only super cool, but super smart. And to top that off she's nice and approachable too. Not everybody in this town thinks that just anybody can walk up and talk to them. But in Jackson we're talking megastar with a heart. President Obama is cool, but Administrator Jackson, dare we say it, could be cooler. Sorry Mr. President, but your EPA administrator is every bit as cool as you.

Her performance before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee at her confirmation hearing was the preview. I sat there thinking, "who is this woman and why has this talent been kept out of the limelight for so long?" Well Administrator Jackson is out there now. And the world had better get ready because she's just getting warmed up. Her command of facts, figures, policy and science is astounding. And she's not afraid to take questions from the public. I figured she would give her speech at the recent EPA budget briefing and leave like her predecessor, but she stayed and answered questions. Her answer to my question was precise, as were her answers to other questions. Okay, enough before the cynics start whining and describing this praise as 'green nosing.' But aint nothing [double negative intentional] wrong with acknowledging talent when you see it. And I see it clearly in our nation's environmental chief.

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