Friday, May 08, 2009

Nothing Better To Do Than Pick On Juanita D. Miller?

The Washington Post, in an article entitled, "WSSC Board Member Exceeds Colleagues in Spending by Far," displays a classic example of the fourth estate abusing its power. With trillions going out to salvage the consequences of real greed, the Post decides to rag a utility board member over a few thousand dollars, which all seemed to be justified expenses (well the Harvard conference was a bit high). But the point is that clearly this paper does not have enough for its reporters to do if they spent time on this story. It is a 'hit piece' plain and simple with absolutely no redeeming value to public discourse. We have real questions about such 4th estate behavior when they use their vast power to bludgeon public servants over the equivalent of nothing.

Juanita D. Miller, left, is a longstanding public servant. To drag her name through the mud over 'Bernie Madoff' tips' is beyond the pale. And frankly we cannot help but point out that these little jewels over pennies are oftentimes aimed at black people. Okay go ahead and scream if you like, but we can think of many such examples. The new EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson does not get this kind of ink and she is responsible for the distribution of a $10 billion budget - - something around $6 billion going to water infrastructure improvements. The WSSC budget is one billion dollars and The Washington Post is comparing who spent more lunch money among the commission board. No wonder newspapers are having trouble staying in business.

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