Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Latest Version of Eco-Islam Available For Download

Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences

The latest IFEES Eco Islam magazine (Issue 6) is ready to download. In this edition, IFEES has a special report on the deforestation in Indonesia and the "Sumatran Declaration".

Other articles include:

- New initatives from the Mindanao region of the Philipines
- Stopping Bird Hunting in Lebanon
- Green Muslims in Washington DC
- Update on the Prince Charles' Rainforest Project
- Book review on "199 ways to please God"
- The Green Religion and much more.

You can support IFEES to continue raising the importance of these issues through the production of educational literature, training programmes and supporting such campaigns. Your support will also help us to set up a global network of Muslim environmentalists from Aceh to Zanzibar.

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