Saturday, October 29, 2005

Celebrate Oil Company Profits

Americans are such hypocrites when it comes to energy, particularly oil. Look on every car lot and you will see energy efficient cars--plenty of them. But most Americans want the BIG car, just like the BIG house or the BIG boat. So everytime you drive your BIG vehicle to the gas station you are joining big oil's celebration. And they deserve it for all of the years of low gas prices they have given you. Americans are just selfish to want low gasoline prices all of the time. And they have the nerve to call the oil companies greedy when they mazimize profits for even one quarter. Do you know how much it costs to build and operate an offshore oil platform? What about refining it and getting it to you by pipeline and truck? Where is the love for BIG oil? ExxonMobil, Shell and BP are simply practicing that old fashioned American tradition called 'maximizing profits.' Isn't capitalism great? And if you don't like it then buy a hybrid, stop driving or get rid of your car. But for heaven's sake stop complaining.

Even the mainstream environmental groups are happy because they love high gas prices to stimulate conservation. Black folks who can afford it have to have the biggest SUV on the lot as a status symbol. And don't worry. Big oil knows it can't keep those prices up there forever, because then government will do something stupid like legislating price controls. So celebrate big oil's big profit quarter. Go out and fill up your gasoline tank. Americans use 20 million barrels of the stuff every single day. Of course at AAEA, we believe in a mix of fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and nuclear power as balancing complements to fossil fuels.

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