Tuesday, November 22, 2005

U.K. Gangstas U.S. Hip Hop

XYBORG from the U.K. writes: "I am sick and tired of reading news reports of the murderous thuggery of those in the Black crime fraternity who seem hell bent on bringing ALL Black people into disrepute with their gun-blazing savagery...it is well past time for all Black people to assume collective responsibility for rooting out an entire subculture of Black gun-toting goonery that has long been permitted to thrive and now pervades all too many of our communities. Black people have for far too long turned a blind eye to a level of criminality and vice that has now assumed the character and sweep of a mass culture in our midst."

"...the Black community must now assume responsibility for its criminal element. Black people account for a majority of the most lethal gun crimes in the entire country. This sickening reality must now be stared squarely in the face. It is the unspoken or, at best, silently whispered truth of armed crime in this land. We - BLACK people - are disproportionately responsible for the most lethal gun-related offences in England (America). Furthermore, Black people are the primary VICTIMS of Black gun crime. Black people themselves must thus take the lead in the War on Crime and enforce a new philosophical, behavioural and sartorial credo within the Black community."

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