Saturday, April 08, 2006

Eagle-On-Eagle Crime: Martha Attacked, George Alone With Offspring While Martha Recovers At Veterinary Hospital

Eagles are comfortable in the suburbs and near large construction sites and two of them have become famous in the Washington, DC area: George & Martha, left. Unfortunately, Martha, left, was brazenly attacked by another female eagle. Martha was rescured by Woodrow Wilson Bridge construction workers who observed the attack and she was taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment of beak damage and other puncture wounds. The Potomac River bridge is part of the Capital Beltway and is in the process of being replaced. One 6-lane span is complete and construction will begin soon on the other span.

George was left as a single eagle-dad to care for two bald eagle eggs about to hatch. The construction workers are assisting George by catching fish so he can spend more time at the nest. Setphanie Spears is an environmental specialist working on the bridge project and assisting Martha and George. The eagles have received extensive media coverage.

Who Is Afraid Of Virginia Wolf? Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton would fit right in that nest.

Update: May 25, 2006 - - The press is reporting that Martha is back in the
nest with George. Then what happened to the hussy home wrecking eagle that
attacked Martha and was keeping George's nest warm during Martha's
recuperation? We think government officials, probably from the Fish &
Wildlife Service, probably intervened and kicked the hussy out and placed
Martha back in.

Update: May 8, 2006 - - Martha is healed and was released in
Middletown, Delaware. We guess the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service made this decision to protect Martha from the home wrecking hussy eagle that attacked her and then took up residence with George. AAEA is concerned about this decision and might notify the Maryland Department of Natural Resources about the possibility of evicting the hussy and restoring Martha to her rightful place.
Update: The female eagle that attacked Martha is now courting
George. They could couple soon. George could not handle being a single Dad warming the nest and hunting for food alone for himself and the brood and during a cold spell the eaglet hatchlings expired. Humans will probably attempt to intervene in Mother Nature's cruel and ironic reality to somehow reunite Martha with George when she gets out of the hospital.
Update: Oct 3, 2006 It is being reported that Martha has now injured
her wing. She has again been shipped off for treatment, leaving George
alone. No word on the home wrecking hussy eagle that replaced Marth after
attacking her.

U.S Fish & Wildlife Service Coverage (Martha Recovers)

Bald Eagles To Be Removed From Endangered Species Act List

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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