Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rudy Giuliani Gives Major Energy Speech In New York

We like former Mayor Rudy Giuliani at AAEA because he gets the energy issue and promotes practical solutions for solving our energy problems in New York and America. His speech at the Manhattan Institute this week was phenomenal. He talked about our need to use nuclear power and liquefied natural gas in addition to promoting conservation and efficiency. We also appreciate that Mr. Giuliani has reached out to AAEA and our president shared his opinion with the former mayor after the speech.

He is also big on hybrid cars. Of course some New York press reporters tried to ridicule Mr. Giuliani for having an SUV waiting for him outside after the speech. What they did not report is that he walked to his next destination instead of taking the SUV. Regardless, he has an entourage with gear and ridesharing with staff in a larger vehicle is more practical in such situations. And we didn't notice whether it was a hybrid SUV. (NY Times article)

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