Friday, September 15, 2006

Al Gore Shows Rich How to Buy Carbon Reductions

Al Gore, currently campaigning for the 2008 presidential election, says he buys carbon credits to offset his portion of the carbon dioxide produced by the many flights he takes on the unannounced and unofficial campaign. Gore says, "I go into this emerging marketplace for offsets, and purchase verified, validated reductions in CO2 by an amount that more than compensates for the quantities that I'm responsible for." (Washington Times)

If everyone does this will there still be a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions? Of course the poor hardly fly and do not generate nearly as much carbon dioxide as the rich. Al Gore has a point though. Everyone should strive to be rich just like him and purchase your way to greenhood. It is perfectly sophisticated and we support cap and trade emission markets. So get out there and get rich. Burn up all the carbon dioxide you want and purchase your verified credits. If Al Gore is elected president, will he ignore environmental and energy issues as he did in the 1990s?

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