Saturday, September 02, 2006

Emotions & Politics of Global Warming & Climate Change

Sometimes we wonder if some hope for catastrophies to justify passing their favored policies. For instance, 2006 has been a weak hurricane season and if that disappoints you then you are irrational about the issue. If you want to ruin the American economy to implement carbon dioxide reduction programs that will not work, then you are just policy crazy or politicking. AAEA believes the atmosphere and ocean climates are being changed, including warming of the atmosphere, due to the human burning of substances. Moreover, we believe humans cannot emit endlessly into the atmosphere without consequaence. This truth is not debatable. The Cuyahoga River and city smog prove our point. Earth's atmosphere has a circumference of 22,000 miles and is about 100 miles high at its most detectable level. Weather occurs in the troposphere, which is about 15 miles high. We're talking about a very small amount of air space.

California and blue Eastern states have carbon dioxide laws that will do nothing to change global warming or climate change. They are political 'feel good' laws similar to 'high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes,' that do nothing to solve the real problem but are politically expedient because they do not anger voters. America probably does not have the will to utilize appropriate technology to address global warming. India and China are going to dynamically develop their societies by burning every fossil fuel they can get their hands on (just as we did) regardless of what we do. Thus, adaptation will probably be the real world response to global climate change.

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