Tuesday, October 17, 2006

God Bless Senator James Inhofe: Opposition View

Although we disagree with Senator James Inhofe, left, on global warming, we give him points for chutzpah. Inhofe is Chairman of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and he recently added Marc Morano to his public relations team. Chairman Inhofe tapped Morano to step up his attack on global climate change orthodoxy. We know Marc at AAEA and he is a formidable promotor. We also agree with the Chairman on the Kyoto Protocol. It cannot and will not work, unless nuclear power and electric vehicles are universally utilized. We also know what it feels like to be alone out on a limb with a certain point of view.

Some of Senator Inhofe's latest volleys have been great. He has a convert in San Francisco Chronicle reporter Deborah J. Saunders, who writes, "GLOBAL WARMING is a religion, not science. That's why acolytes in the media attack global-warming critics, not with scientific arguments, but for their apostasy. Then they laud global-warming believers, not for reducing greenhouse gases, but simply for believing global warming is a coming catastrophe caused by man. The important thing is to have faith in those who warn: The End Is Near. " Again, although we disagree, this is great copy. Saunders continues, "Inhofe recognizes that the Earth is warming, but sees this as part of the natural cycle." Plus, we don't buy environmentalism as a religion.

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