Saturday, February 03, 2007

AAEA Is As American As Apple Pie

The African American community is as American as apple pie. Although most whites rarely experience the black community, there is one in virtually every city in the United States. It is the American way and it is here to stay. From Prince George's County to the now destroyed Lower Ninth Ward in Louisiana, the black community is part of the fabric of America. It is the pepper in the melting pot. It is the stitch in the quilt. Unique in all the world, it is a power unto itself. What would America be without it?

Some people are taken aback when they see the term African American or black this and that are broached. Whether a longing for a color blind society or a nagging prejudice, some people would rather just ignore blacks and the black community. Too bad because it is a very interesting part of American culture and geography. Even with the insanity of Black-on-Black murder and other dysfunction, it is still a vibrant jewel. No community anywhere in the world has worked harder to make it. And continues to work hard every day. Pass a slice of that apple pie.

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