Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fred Krupp : Innovative Environmentalist & Clean Air Guru

Fred Krupp is too reasonable to be a traditional environmentalist. That is why he isn't. He is an innovator. From the Acid Rain Program to this year's TXU Mega-deal, Krupp is on the scene. As the president of Environmental Defense, he has cut an interesting path within the environmental movement (outside of it too). They were the Environmental Defense Fund but changed the name about a decade or so ago. Of course, he is backed by an incredible staff of practical environmentalists.

Environmental Defense helped create the cap and trade system that is so popular everywhere today. Cap and trade is behind the universally agreed upon success of the Clean Air Act Acid Rain Program. Krupp and crew did not support the Clear Skies Initiative even though it was based on the Acid Rain Program. Environmental Defense did complete AAEA's Diversity Survey (one of only 4 other groups to do so). Krupp even attended our diversity meeting along with the heads of 12 other environmental groups in 2002. Environmental Defense received a good rating according to the criteria in the survey. So if you are a minority and want to work for an environmental group, you will find a good home at Environmental Defense. Yep. Krupp is a clean air guru and environmental innovator.

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