Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nuclear Power Blackout in Media Continues for AAEA

Although AAEA and its president were the first environmental organization and environmentalist to publicly support nuclear power in the United States, it is being ignored in the maintream media. We have pointed this out before. It is just a continuation of a sad history in America of ignoring contributions by African Americans. The latest slight is our absence from the Wall Street Journal article about nuclear power. Our work was also not mentioned in previous Washington Post and New York Times articles. We are being rendered invisible. An inaccurate history is being publicized.

Anti-nuclear activists should get a kick out of this. Here we are whining over being overlooked for something they think we are crazy for supporting. The mainstream environmental movement remains antinuclear. AAEA is still the only American-led environmental group supporting nuclear power and Norris McDonald was the first environmentalist to publicly support the technology in this country. We simply are not getting any credit for it in the media. And our friends in the nuclear industry are not stepping forward to correct the record.

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