Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Greenpeace Is Rolling In The Big Money Again

Greenpeace received $40 million from the French government as a settlement for the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior back in the 1980s. Now they have won an inheritance dispute with the Salvation Army and will get $27 million. Why don't rich people ever leave money to AAEA?

When H. Guy Di Stefano died his trust left $264 million to eight charities: Greenpeace, Salvation Army, Direct Relief International, Santa Barbara Hospice Foundation, Santa Barbara Visiting Nurse Foundation, American Humane Assoc, Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust & World Wildlife Fund. The Salvation Army opposed the gift to Greenpeace. The gift was a surprise to all of the charities. Socioeconomically disadvantaged means never being invited to these money parties. (Wall Street Journal, 5-15-07)

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