Friday, May 18, 2007

PRESIDENT'S CORNER: The Chinese Love Black People

By Norris McDonald. I recently visited China for the first time for two weeks and discovered something that is not being publicized in the United States: The Chinese Love Black People. Okay. So it is probably as much fascination as love, but let's just say that I now know how Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise feel when they are out in public. Okay. And they do not see black people very often so it is probably very exciting to see someone different. They were peeking. They were running up to get photos with me. They were letting me in clubs free. And this was in Beijing, the capital of China. Of course, I came back to reality in Hong Kong because they were indifferent. I think the love shown to me comes from a self-love the Chinese people have for each other. Many Chinese men and women walk arm-in-arm or hugging in public. I stopped asking if people were gay after asking for the third time.

So pack your bags for the 2008 Olympics and go experience this love. I have NEVER experienced anything like it in my life. People getting excited when you walk in the door. People welcoming you like you are a movie or rock star. Actually getting positive responses when walking into a store. Now our China Office Director, Zhang Xiaoping, informed me that Chinese people consider all people not from China as 'foreigners.' But I also know special treatment when I see it. And I saw affection in the eyes of the Chinese people I met. And this was in the city and in the country. I can't wait to go back. (Drawing: Me drawn at Houhai in Beijing. Peasants stood watching in rapt fascination during the entire session-See Video) (All Videos)

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