Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Resurgence In Racism Is Polluting American Environment

Whites are tired of hearing about it and Blacks are tired of experiencing it, but racism seems to be making a comeback in American culture. The symptoms of a resurgent problem are playing out in the media: 1) Don Imus, 2) Opie & Anthony, and 3) Michael Richards to name the most obvious ones. Fortunately, responsible Americans have responded to this resurgence with a resounding NO.

There is a black community in virtually every city in the United States. Many whites appear to want to ignore this reality. Maybe it is a longing for a real American melting pot. Maybe it is delusion. These communities exist because blacks want to be comfortable. We know that many whites do not want us in their neighborhoods. No problem. Go to the richest majority black county in the country, Prince George's, and these prosperous blacks are as happy as they can be in their immaculate homes, lawns and vehicles. AAEA embraces the following reality: "The African American community is as American as apple pie." We would rather be playing golf too. And Tantallon Country Club is right in the heart of Prince George's County.

It is also unfortunate that presidential candidate Barack Obama is being required to renounce being black (one drop) and ignore black community issues ("he's not like Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson") as the price for residency in the White House.

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