Friday, June 22, 2007

AAEA Poll: Who Would Be Best Environmental President?

AAEA in no way endorses the results of these polls. The results are independent and based on anonymous voters.

We asked the question above in a poll with two groups of candidates and the results (6-22-07) are interesting. Feel free to vote. The polls are in the bottom right column. Al Gore is leading with 50%, Barack Obama and John Edwards are tied for second sharing 13.6%, Rudy Guiliani is in third with 9.1%, Al Sharpton (he will get in out of frustration with Obama not addressing 'black' issues), Mike Huckabee and Bill Richardson are in a three-way tie for fouth with 4.5% each and John McCain and Hillary Clinton are bringing up the rear with 0% each.

In a separate poll (polls only hold 10 spots, thus this second poll), Dennis Kucinich is leading with 42.9%, Christopher Dodd is in second with 21.4%, Mitt Romney is in third with 14.3% and there is a three way tie for last place among Sam Brownback, Mike Gravel and Tom Vilsack with 7% each.

The polls will be open until the nominations are completed. So vote early and vote often.

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