Friday, July 13, 2007

Back When Blacks Wanted to be White

The Afro American newspaper is featuring a history section to show the ads for skin lightening and hair straightening products it ran 60 years ago. Black women are still straightening their hair. We cannot figure out why. Mostly it looks artificial and horrible when it is fried. Put down that hot comb. Go natural. Black men used to 'conk' their hair too. It looked completely ridiculous. Now many shave their heads to hide the peas. Of course, the new twist look is cool.

You must read this stuff. Remember Madame C.J. Walker? She got rich back in the 50's selling hair grease. AAEA once ran a calculation of how much oil was used on black hair in a given year. Many of the greaases and relaxers are petroleum-based. It was some really high number. Of course, we are Negro Naturalists at AAEA and we strongly encourage all of our members and associates to 'be natural.' We encourage our white members and colleagues to avoid too much tanning and completely avoid collagen injections. Go to the link and check out this sad history.

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