Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clean Coal & Nuclear Need CO2, Hydrogen & Oxygen Pipelines

Coal is used to generate 52% of our electricity. Nuclear 20%. These two aren't going anywhere soon. So we need clean coal, sequestration and hydrogen production for fuel cells to fight global warming. New nuclear power plants should incorporate hydrolysis to separate hydrogen from oxygen. The hydrogen for fuel cells and the oxygen to burn in coal-fired power plant fireboxes. Burning coal in pure oxygen instead of regular air, which is almost 80% nitrogen, will reduce the volumn of gases for sequestration, thus optimizing storage.

We will need nationwide pipelines for oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide to utilize these climate change-fighting technologies. Oxygen will travel from nuclear plant hydrolysis faciliteis to coal-fired power plants. Hydrogen will travel from nuclear plants to fuel cell manufacturing facilites and fertizer manufacturers. Carbon dioxide will travel from coal-fired power plants to sequestration areas.

Unfortunately, Congress is considering repealing federal utility line right of way authority due to state complaints and NIMBY pratitioners. If we cannot build the pipelines and electricity lines we need to maintain the American way of life, NIMBYs and NIMBY states should somehow have to pick up the tab. These naysayers should also stop complaining about the threats of global warming and smog.

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