Thursday, July 05, 2007

Environmental Movement Spineless on Global Warming

The mainstream environmental movement lacks vertebrae in the fight against global warming and climate change. Add former Vice President Al Gore to that jello pile. Their refusal to aggressively promote or support nuclear power is the primary indicator of their tepid commitment to solving Earth's most important environmental issue today.

A couple of groups, Environmental Defense and Natural Resources Defense Council, have mouthed lukewarm statements about nuclear 'being on the table.' But then they tear nuclear a new one straight up the Yucca Mountain hole. And the nuclear industry falls all over itself at the slightest hint that an 'important' environmental group 'might' 'sort-a,' 'kinda,' 'maybe,' 'could,' show some support. It is unseemly. But we understand the want. Unfortunately, the moment an 'important' foundation writes the first new anti nuclear grant, this little dance will be over. And the traditional greenies will line up in monolithic lockstep in opposition (because that is what they do). That is mostly all they do. OPPOSE.

And that little powerhouse Negro-led green group that was the first environmental group to support nuclear power and aggressively promotes nuclear power is not being properly recognized or supported. Maybe we just aren't 'important' enough. Little unimportant NIRS sure does get a huge amount of support and attention.

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