Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hillary Clinton is Not Agnostic On Nuclear Power

Agnostic: Noncommittal. Undogmatic. The New York Senator said she was agnostic on nuclear power at the CNN/YouTube presidential debate. This could not be true because she opposes Yucca Mountain and is pushing for hearings to cancel the project. No Yucca Mountain. No new nuclear power plants. That sounds anti-nuclear to us.

Our fearless leader has been on top of and inside of Yucca Mountain, pictured at left. It is the place to store nuclear waste. It is probably the place to reprocess spent fuel. And how can one be serious about mitigating climate change without promoting emission free nuke power? Beats us. Senator Barack Obama is ahead of Senator Clinton on this issue, unless he starts backpedaling to win the Nevada primary. George Bush supported Yucca and still beat Kerry in Nevada. Hmmmm.

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