Thursday, August 09, 2007

AAEA at Southeast Convergence for Climate Action

Local, state, regional and national environmentalists and antinuclear activists are gathering for a week on a private camp ground near Asheville, NC to discuss climate change. AAEA President Norris McDonald is attending the convergence and is reporting back that although we disagree with virtually all of their positions and their strategy, he is finding the get-together to be quite informative. Some new information is being discussed that he was not aware of. More on that later.

Climate Convergence (Part One)

Of course we are baffled at how these activists would provide America with the power it needs. They want to shut down all of the nuclear, coal and natural gas plants. And many local activists are opposing wind projects from a NIMBY position. All that is left is photovoltaic and environmentalists would oppose those projects too if they were being proposed in any kind of serious way.

Climate Convergence (Part Two)

Our fearless leader also reports that it is funny that some of the traditional environmentalists do not consider us to be environmentalists because of our support for nuclear power, yet the nuclear industry's association does not consider us to be environmentalists either. We are just the odd man out. But the thing that both of those camps have in common is their aversion to hiring and retaining black policy professionals. And though both camps are quite wealthy, they avoid sharing virtually any resources with the black community.

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