Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where Are Environmentalists Who Support Nuclear Power?

The Nuclear Energy Institute has a long list of environmentalists on its new website who express their support for nuclear power. Unfortunately, AAEA has not seen them out on the field of battle. Where are they? Are they, as Bill Maher said that got him fired from his "Politically Incorrect" show, safely launching missiles from 2,000 miles away? As marines on the front lines of battle, we have not seen them. The surge is working, but those of us who have been deployed since the beginning of this war would like to see some backup. If you're gonna talk the talk then walk the walk. Come on out. We could use the help.

The groups listed are not shy about battle. When they support (rare in the environemental movement) or oppose a cause, they normally put massive resources into the effort. Their support for nuclear power seems tepid at best. While we are out avoiding IEDs and snipers, others seem to think this war can be won from the safety of their ivory towers. The anti nukers are out there table-bombing hearings with their leaflets and propaganda. They are also making amazingly imaginative statements during these hearings and meetings. America's energy future is at stake here. And while some armchair 'environmentalists' get the headlines and credit, AAEA will remain on the front lines advancing the global warming battles and fighting the real energy war.

Oyster Creek, Sept 24-26

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