Wednesday, November 07, 2007

AAEA To Be Featured In Korean Energy Documentary

AAEA President Norris McDonald will be featured in a TV documentary being produced by Korea Broadcasting Station (KBS) that will address why nuclear energy is the most efficient and environmentally friendly energy source for our world and how new safety measures and new scientific developments are being established for safety and efficiency. It is to be aired in South Korea on the free government run channel through a regular TV program titled “Science CafĂ©,” which shows informative or educational documentaries and documentary-dramas on different topics relating to science, environment and medicine each week. The filming of this documentary took place in France, Japan, US and Korea. The U.S. footage with McDonald took place around Capitol Hill.

McDonald is pictured above with cinematographer Yoon, Hyung Suk, documentary producer Yang, So Hyun of IMTV Inc production company and U.S. production coordinator Mia SH Kim. The title of the documentary is “The Second Renaissance of the Nuclear Power Industry,” with Part 1 entitled “Why Nuclear Energy Again?” and Part 2 “Is Nuclear Energy Really Safe and How?” Special thanks to Bruno Comby of Environmentalists for Nuclear Power (EFN) for recommending us for this documentary. McDonald will be meeting with Mr. Comby outside of Paris, France later this month.

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