Friday, November 30, 2007

Dr. Bruno Comby: First To Support Nuclear Power

Dr. Bruno Comby, left, is the godfather of environmentalists who support nuclear power. He was the very first environmentalist in the world to publicly support nuclear power starting in 1996. Based just outside of Paris, France he is internationally known and led the environmental movement there to establish that country as the world leader in nuclear power plant electricity production. France now gets 80% of its electricity from nuclear power and Dr. Comby should be more widely recognized for his early support. AAEA promotes our president, Norris McDonald, as the first environmentalist to publicly support nuclear power in the United States, but we have always recognized Dr. Comby as the original visionary and activist in this area.

Bruno Comby is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, with a postgraduate degree in nuclear physics. He is a well known European environmentalist, the author of eight books on health, energy and the environment, including the best seller 'Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy'. His books and his work have been widely presented in over 1500 TV and radio programmes and press articles around the world. He is the scientific director of the Bruno Comby Institute, which promotes non-smoking, better nutrition, and solutions to famine in the Third World. Bruno Comby created the association Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (EFN) in 1996. It now includes over 9,000 citizens, members and supporters of clean nuclear energy in more than 56 countries, and provides information and activities to the public in 15 languages. AAEA is a member.

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