Saturday, December 01, 2007

PRESIDENT'S CORNER: Nuclear Power Godfather

By Norris McDonald. I recently traveled to France and met with Dr. Bruno Comby, the Godfather of environmentalists for nuclear power. Dr. Comby lives just outside of Paris and he is pictured at right holding his son. Bruno is the real deal, just like the Marlon Brando character, except he is a nuclear physicist. He is also the first environmentalist to publicly support nuclear power (1996). I have also noticed that some other 'prominent' environmentalist nuclear power supporters rarely to never mention him. We had a great chuckle about that after I told him about me getting the same treatment as the first American environmentalist to publicly support nuclear power.

My son and I spent four hours with Bruno and his family on an overcast Sunday afternoon. His colleague, Berol Robinson, was also present. Berol, next to Bruno in the photo, will move to the United States (Boston) in six months and will serve as president of the Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy in America. We ate a great lunch of vegetables and steamed chicken. He provided some organic cider for me, because sulfites cause a little asthma reaction. Bruno has a beautiful, smart and nice wife who works in computer IT at a bank. She also plays piano. And they are blessed with the cutest two year old son. Comby is building a state-of-the-art environmentally and energy friendly office next to his home (more on that later). It was a great visit to a person I have admired for a long time. (More)

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