Friday, March 28, 2008

Bad Publicity For Merck Asthma Drug Singulair Unconscionable

Singulair is a miracle medication that has significantly enhanced the life of our organization's president. AAEA President Norris McDonald, who has severe asthma, reports that Singulair has been incredibly successful in relieving his asthma symptoms and that any suggestion linking it to suicide is simply ridiculous. We suggest that Merck seriously consider suing any and all entities reporting or advertising such nonsense. We also suggest that any family scared into not using the product, and such stoppage leads to injury, should also sue, in class action, any and all entities publicizing this libel and slander.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should cease and desist from any additional statements regarding suicide related to this product. This product significantly enhances life instead of causing any negative thoughts or feelings. Reports to the contrary are outrageous. Televised reports from news services have stated that there have been 3 suicides out of 31 million Singulair users. The FDA is just as well to review the link between lightning strikes to asthma inhalers causing suicide. We have to state again that to have this pubicized in such a manner is not only unconscionable but also poses a serious risk to the public. AAEA appeals to news services to stop publicizing this fiction immediately.

It is being reported that the FDA is reviewing a handful of reports, not clinical studies, involving mood changes, suicidal behavior and suicide in patients who have taken Singulair. Singulair is used by millions of patients in the U.S. and was first approved in 1998. How the FDA could or would allow these reports to become public without any clinical studies, which are the standard tool for evaluating drug safety, is mind boggling. Published reports indicate that there were no suicides in the 11,000 patients enrolled in 40 Singulair trials. Now Merck will have to spend millions of dollars in advertising to reverse false impressions instead of lowering the price for those who need the medication but do not have health insurance. (The Washington Post)

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Anonymous said...

Suicide seems bit far fetched to me in adults (children need special consideration of course) and this drug is effective in combo to H1 + H2 for my asthma/allergies.

I can't tolerate it though sadly due to the VIVID DREAMS it gives me. Very vivid. But I can't eat cheese (fermented foods) they do the same. Very, very, frustrating. Most do not get this but I see a fair number who do on forums. Be curious how many of them has this underlying via foods anyway.

Bottom line though it is worth a try for sure as if you can avoid the side effects (most do) as it often works.

The problem with side effects is they differ for everyone so although I doubt suicide is a mass issue (speaking to people who take it) it may be a minor issue in some like the dreaming issue is. Note I am very sensitive to all drugs not just this some people just are as they have really crazy mast cells etc. That is life. But need t be careful with this drug vilifying it for all is not wise as it is proven helpful in studies.