Friday, July 11, 2008

Congressman Rush Addresses Plague of Gun Violence

U. S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush, right, is joining with ROOT, Inc., a non-profit activist organization (Kenneth E. Barnes, Sr., MS, Founder/CEO), to launch a nationwide organizing campaign to provide federal resources to strengthen local community efforts to stem the unprecedented wave of gun-related violence that continues to plague our country. Rush's effort to enact the "Communities in Action Neighborhood Defense and Opportunity Act" (CAN DO), a grassroots-inspired piece of legislation, will provide law enforcement and intervention resources in a manner designed to reduce the killing.

The gun death toll in America exceeds that of what's occurring in Iraq. An average of 45 people die each and every day, in our country, from a firearm-irregardless of race, class or culture. The CAN DO bill is a targeted attempt to change attitudes and behaviors toward gun violence by bringing together entire communities to address systemic factors that lead to violence and to, specifically, make rampant gun violence unacceptable in local communities. CAN DO calls for a four-pronged attack on gun violence in some of the worst, crime-plagued communities in the United States . Specifically, the bill:

-- enhances law enforcement by targeting the most violent criminals

-- increases funding for mental health and psychological counseling

-- funds employment training and opportunity; and

-- provides educational and recreational services for at-risk youth.

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