Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clean Skies Group Running Full Page Ads Too

The American Clean Skies Foundation is running full page ads in major newspapers promoting natural gas. The foundation also includes their website: and their television show: CleanSkiesTV (part of the American Clean Skies Network). Must be nice. Those ads can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for each one. Sure wish we could run ads like that promoting our agenda. We support their recommendation by the way.

The ad shows a sign of gasoline prices and shows that natural gas prices would be half the price of petroleum based fuel. The ad states that Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an EPA-certified alternative fuel that can use the natural gas lines from your home to refuel. It shows the Honda Civic GX natural gas fueled vehicle. It notes that we spend $1.7 billion a day on imported oil and products. It ends by stating that CNG is clean, abundant, afrordable, american.

Are they working with T. Boone Pickens or simply supplementing his effort? Because part of Picken's strategy is to 'back out' natural gas use at electricity power plants with wind turbines and utilize the 'avoided' natural gas in transportation vehicles.

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